Deco- deco bersama

I always wanted to get a thing that I 'created' myself as in  decoration. Luckily, I found this website called and they are website that offers a self made/ decorate decoration. 
I have picked one cushion that I decorated with my favorite band logos and a mouse pad that have a beautiful yet cute design on it. 

CUSHION I love how clear the logo is printed on the cushion.  The quality is so good that you can see the photos nice printed The cushion is comfortable

MOUSE PAD The size is the perfect size for a mouse The size is suitable for travelling The photo printed on it is nice done and does not 'break' The mouse pad is soft so it is travel friendly.

DELIVERY TIME Before I end my blog, I need to talk about the delivery time as time is GOLD, aite.  As you see the photo above, the shipment only takes 3 days to be delivered to my house despite the extra printing and smart packaging. 
Isn's that a plus to all online shopping? Very effective and no tim…

Decorate with

Decorating is FUN but isn't it is more fun when you can have a piece of you in a decoration ?
Having a piece of YOU in your creation makes the whole process more exciting right?
Decorating is wide, it can be from a tiny magnet on your fridge to the pillow that you lay your head every night. 
Worry no more peeps, let me introduce They offer every decoration you needed and it's all in your finger tip. is an Online Gift Shop website that offers you a customized gift by creating your own design in the website. 
Below are some photos on how to custom made your gift.

First, open the website,
Second, pick what kind of decoration you prefer. For example, pillow. 
Next, press Start Designing if you want to have a personal design.
Done designing.

Add to cart and pay for the item. 

After you place your orders, wait patiently for the gift to arrive at you doorsteps. :)

Aren't that easy and fast? Now you don't have to hassle to go …

Tips to learn a new language : Learning language make your brain smarter

Hai. It's me Nasyitah.

Since I was in middle school, I was interested in language so I tried to learn as much languages as I can.
The MAIN reason is because one of my teacher in middle school said in one of his class that learning language makes you smarter and lower the chance of getting Alzheimer's.

Well, while learning these languages, my aim is not to be SUPER FLUENT but to at least understand well and be able to speak well too. (Trying not to be hard on myself)

English is not my mother tongue so please forgive me for any grammar mistakes. Hiks.

If you ask me what and how many languages I can speak, the answer is 3.
1. Malay. Since I'm from Malaysia.
2. English. Everyone here learn and speak English. Also, I tried to be good in English because it is the lingua franca in many countries.
3. Achenese. Because my mom is from Acheh.

So? What is my mother tongue? I have no idea. LOL. I speak ALL 3 languages at home. OK. Maybe Achenese/ Malay.

Right now, I'm learning Kor…


Well not everyone can drink COFFEE.
my body cant take coffee very well.

Here's reasons why
1. I have a low sugar tolerance (is that what they call?) so I'll go sugar rush and nobody can handle my craziness
2. Sugar and caffeine makes me break out. The acne on my face with will uncontrollable and that is not cool.
3. Caffeine makes my head dizzy. I believe it because the caffeine level is quite high. 

Even before, I cant even enter Starbucks or any coffee shop because the smell of coffee is not too pleasant to me. But recently, my body kinda craving for coffee and i drank ice Americano for the whole week. My body is OK with it but my skin is giving a reaction such as acne and dull face.

So yeah, now i know why i didn't take coffee at the first place.

That's the rant for today. BYE!

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UPDATED Skin Care Routine for OILY SKIN

Hello uols,

To start off, I'll tell my skin type cos this Skin Care Routine might not works on other types of skin.  So, my skin type is OILY. Not combination but literally oily every part of my face. 
HERE, I'm suggesting you girls a STEPS instead of PRODUCT because I don't want you girls to LIMIT yourself at choosing PRODUCT.
OK, before I start, a quick notice that this is my Skin Care Routine AFTER my darkest days, means this is how I maintain my skin. 
If you have an VERY OILY skin like me, '' LESS IS MORE'' is what you need to remember. Because you don't want to overload your skin with too many product that going to produce oil on your skin afterward. 
1                       -           CLEANSE

2                       -           TONER

3                       -            MOISTURIZER

I know, you might think, LOGIC. But no, like i said ''LESS IS MORE''.  I used to apply so many products thinking that I will…


Today, I'm writing to SUGGEST some skin care that I used that helped improving my skin.
And in this blog, I'm showing the products that i use to MAINTAIN my current skin condition.
Also, most of the product are AFFORDABLE and easy to get.

Like I said, I stick to only 3 STEPS which is

So, for CLEANSER, I would suggest POND'S Daily Spot Less FACE WASH. I have enough bubble to rid of all the oily from your face and make you face feels fresh and light.

Second, toner. I've been using SAFI product even from before. SAFI product is the product that actually save me from my darkest day.
Therefore, the Toner that I LOVE is, SAFI Sari Mentimun dan Pokok Lidah Buaya Toner. It does wonder at getting rid off the excess dirt and oily after cleansing. A plus point, it feels refreshing too.

Lastly, Moituriser. As for the Moituriser, i have more than one product to suggest but I only wear one at a time.  So here is the list of products that I used currently de…

Grand final of Mister World Prestige International 2018.

On 25th January 2018,  the 2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals is officially held in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia and the winner has been announced (TOP 10).

Eugene Roy, WPI Advisor said, "The World prestige International is the number one beauty contest organizer for many years of pageant’s activities, through quality teams and campaign coverage across the country to provide comparisons with the international all-round state station and the international high-flexibility campaign, dinner and party. World Prestige International organizers dedicated to providing superior and fair campaign performance, exclusively improve the quality of the pageant campaign, caring for the sponsored businesses for different stages of sponsorship businesses partner to create and bring incomparable marketing effect. This platform through a variety of professional training, sincerity for the beauty of the perfect candidate to open up the journey on stage. Co-renowned Campaign an…